• IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are a online discount digital print company. All orders are to be placed online solely for the reduce margin in errors, provide efficient workflow, continued discounted rates and maintain quickest turnaround.

• We cater to clients who are resellers and we assume have accounts with a garment distributor.

  1. *Not all orders may be suitable for DTG. We reserve the right to reject print jobs we deem not suitable for DTG. All garments must be approved before printing NO EXCEPTIONS.

in Middleboro • MAhttp://www.graphixplusink.com/Graphix_Plus_Ink/DTG_%26_Shirt_Printing.html
in Norton, MAhttp://www.graphixplusink.com/Graphix_Plus_Ink/DTG_%26_Shirt_Printing.html

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We are located within driving distance of 4 nationwide distributors and can arrange pick up of garment supplied by you. Read Disclaimer for further information.

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Understanding DTG Printing

• DTG IS NOT Screen Printing, saving you money from SET UP cost per color as Screen Printers Charge.

• Not All DTG is created equal, that is why we use the BEST DTG Printers in the industry. Disregard all MYTHS, Our DTG is Very Durable.

Both Same Price!

NOTE: Most Warehouses offer free shipping on orders over $150. In order for efficiency ask your vendor if free shipping is an option and excercise it.

Related Info

Standard DTG Printing Sizes

  1. 11x9 or 99sq.in (Default)

  2. 14x12 or 168sq.in White add $1 : Colors add $2

  3. 16x14 or 224sq.in White add $2 : Colors add $4

Printing Add-Ons For Your Garments!

  1. Generic small prints of 4x4 or within 16sq.in as 2nd location

   Whites add $1.50 : Colors add $2.50

  1. Generic small prints As ONLY location

   Whites are $2 : Colors are $3

Custom Add-Ons...

  1. Short Sleeve prints of 4x4 or within 16sq.in

   Whites add $2.5 : Colors add $3.5

  1. Artwork File Fix $35hr min. but not limited to.

  1. Faster service

  2. Live invoicing

  3. Order Tracking

  4. Create quotes

  5. Just print or both

  6. Use your UPS acct.

Up to 60%
  1. BulletUnlimited Color - 1 Price!

  2. BulletNo Set UP Fees

  3. BulletFast Turnaround

  4. BulletMultiple Print Sizes

  5. BulletMultiple Locations

  6. BulletDurable Prints

The Best in Direct to Garment Printing!

With our Direct to Garment Printers we are capable of producing unlimited color prints without paying any set up fees. Why pay set up charges from screen printers? With our print quality you can be reassured that you’re getting the best in digital garment printing. BROTHER, the most trusted name in the industry!

Additional Printing info.

Price For DTG Printing Only.

Garment not included in prices listed below...

  1. Instant file uploading

  2. Online ordering 24hrs a day

  3. Get the BEST RATES!

  4. Supply your own ship labels

  5. Insert promotional items

  6. Keep your cost LOW

Read our Fulfillment Terms & Conditions here!

  1. Secure payments

  2. Save orders

  3. Discounts

  4. Customize products


Prices in Shopping Cart may differ slightly

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We Now Decorate On High Poly Blends...

  1. Decorated with Eco-Solvent Transfers.

  2. For Polyester blends higher than 80/20 

  3. For cotton shirt alternatives

  4. For size increases same price as DTG.

  5. Art should be a closed path graphic.

  6. Price: Left chest or similar size $3ea.

  7. Price: 11x9 as low as $6ea.

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